Tucker Misses, Ravens Lose
AP Photo/Gail Burton
Tucker Misses, Ravens Lose

The Baltimore Ravens scored a touchdown in the remaining seconds against the New Orleans Saints on Sunday, to make the score 24-23 in favor of the Saints. All the Ravens needed was kicker Justin Tucker to make the extra point and the game would be tied, but then the most unthinkable thing happened – Tucker missed the extra point.

This was a surprise to everyone. Tucker had never missed an extra point in his career in the regular season, as he had been 222-222. The weird part too was that it looked like the extra point was going to go through when it left his foot. The ball was heading straight down the center, but it veered wide right.

Missed, Ravens lose.

You have to take into consideration as well that there were wind gusts that reached as high as 40mph during the game so it could have happened to anyone. Tucker will bounce back and will continue to make extra points, so do not let one unlucky kick waiver for having you drop him off your fantasy team.