Quarterback Carousel in Tampa Bay
AP Photo/Frank Victores
Quarterback Carousel in Tampa Bay

The quarterback carousel continues for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, as Ryan Fitzpatrick will start this coming week against the Carolina Panthers. This being after Jameis Winston was benched against the Cincinnati Bengals after throwing four interceptions.

Fitzpatrick meanwhile led the Buccaneers on a rally to tie the score and before losing to Cincinnati on a field goal with no time left.

Is it the smart move? Here is a comparison of the two on Sunday:

  • Winston: 18-of-35 for 276 yards passing, one touchdown, four interceptions, QBR of 31.4

  • Fitzpatrick: 11-of-15 for 194 yards passing, two touchdowns, zero interceptions, QBR of 95.4

For the season:

  • Winston: Four games, 96-of-148 for 1,181 yards passing, six touchdowns, 10 interceptions, QBR of 62.7

  • Fitzpatrick: Five games, 98-of-144 for 1,550 yards passing, 13 touchdowns, five interceptions, QBR of 80.1

So it looks mainly like it is the turnovers keeping Winston off the field.