Peterson Still A Cardinal
AP Photo/Ralph Freso
Peterson Still A Cardinal

What becomes the truth and what becomes just a play on words to put up a good face in order to make peace? This sounds like the situation that is surrounding cornerback Patrick Peterson, who currently plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

Supposedly, as reported earlier this week by Adam Schefter of ESPN, Peterson wanted out of Arizona and asked to be traded before the trade deadline. Now, however, it seems as if Peterson was just ‘frustrated’ with the scenario of the team. The Cardinals are 1-6 and it appears as if they are going nowhere, fast.

Peterson made a statement that he intends to be with the Cardinals long-term and help the team rebuild in order to get back to their winning ways.

This mind you is after Peterson reportedly met with Michael Bidwill, Cardinals President, discussing how to improve the Cardinals not only this year, but in the immediate future.

The real question becomes though, is Peterson serious about him intending on being with the team long-term, or is he just saying that due to the fact he has such a high profile with the team, met with Bidwill, got his hand slapped and there is the likelihood he will not be with the Cardinals to see them back to their winning ways.