Peppers versus Suggs
AP Photo/Mike McCarn
Peppers versus Suggs

Is it a matchup between the Carolina Panthers and the Baltimore Ravens, or Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers and Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs? Well, on the field it is the matchup between the Panthers and Ravens, but the subplot is Peppers and Suggs.

Or should I say the subplot is the No. 4 all-time sack leader, Peppers, versus the No. 15 all-time sack leader, Suggs.

Peppers was the second overall pick in the 2002 NFL Draft and Suggs was the 10th overall pick in 2003 and both are still going strong, just look at their statistics.


  • 156.5 sacks

  • 701 tackles

  • 51 forced fumbles

  • 76 passes defensed


  • 131.0 sacks

  • 830 tackles

  • 33 forced fumbles

  • 61 passes defensed

So another words, both quarterbacks better watch out come Sunday.