Giants Lose And Questionable Calls
AP Photo/John Amis
Giants Lose And Questionable Calls

The Atlanta Falcons defeated the New York Giants on Monday Night Football 23-20, however, it was not the outcome was not as much as a surprise as to what the Giants did in the last five minutes.

After the Giants scored a touchdown to make it 20-12, they went for the two-point conversion. Questionable, yes, but the logic behind it was Pat Shurmur was thinking ahead and that if the Giants made the two-point conversion, they would only need to score another touchdown and kick the extra point to win the game, as long as the Falcons did not score. But, if they missed the two-point conversion, they still could tie the game with another touchdown and two-point conversion provided the Falcons did not score again.

The Giants then had the ball back after a Falcons field goal and made it to the 1-yard line with close to a minute left in the game. Then the second questionable call, as Eli Manning tried to run the ball in, failing twice, before throwing a 1-yard touchdown pass to Odell Beckham Jr. with five seconds left and no chance to win.

The first call makes sense, Eli’s clock management does not.