Bortles Needs To Perform
AP Photo/Stephen B. Morton
Bortles Needs To Perform

Blake Bortles remains the starting quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but, just how much longer will he hold that title.

There really is no telling, but if Bortles continues to play the way he has been when the Jaguars face the Philadelphia Eagles on Sunday, Bortles might very well find himself in the same place he was last week in the second half against the Houston Texans – on the bench. This time, it might be permanent.

When Bortles lost his second fumble against the Texans, head coach Doug Marrone benched him and had backup quarterback Cody Kessler come into the game. When Bortles was benched, the Jaguars had nine turnovers in a little over 10 quarters of play.

That in itself is bad. However, Bortles had eight of those nine, which included four interceptions and a fumble against the Kansas City Chiefs.

The quarterback is supposed to be the leader and the one who makes the plays. Bortles clearly has not been the leader, or making the plays lately.