A Smart Play By Montgomery?
AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez
A Smart Play By Montgomery?

Ty Montgomery has to be the loneliest man in Green Bay right now. Well, more like the loneliest man in the state Wisconsin right now.

The Los Angeles Rams had just kicked a field goal to go up 29-27 over the Green Bay Packers on Sunday, with just a little over two minutes left in the game. The Packers were about to get the ball back with the two-minute warning, a timeout and most importantly, the great Aaron Rodgers leading the charge.

But, Rodgers never got the ball back.

The Rams kicked off and Montgomery was back to receive. He caught the ball 2 yards deep in the end zone and instead of taking a knee, he decided to run the ball out.

First mistake, why did he run out?

Second mistake, Montgomery fumbled the ball, the Rams recovered the fumble and the game was over.

Montgomery pretty much took the ball right out of Rodgers’ hands.